These Breaded Squid Rings, also known as Calamari, are a crispy and delicious appetizer that are easy to prepare and ready in a flash! These are lightly dusted with a seasoned, oven-ready breading.


Keep Frozen until ready to cook. Do not thaw.


Cooking Instructions:

Deep Fry - Preheat oil to 350 degrees. Place frozen squid in fry basket and separate to prevent sticking, Fry for 2-3 min or until golden brown and crunchy. Caution - may cause splattering.


Pan Fry - Preheat 1/2 inch cooking oil in a non-stick fying pan on medium high flame to 350 degrees. Place the squid rings for about 2 minutes of until they  turn golden brown. Drain Excess oil before serving. 

Breaded Squid Rings