For convenience, buy the cut rings and tentacles--this takes all the work out, you simply defrost get to dredging, breading and frying! You can saute this, too for a healthier option. This is a more economically friendly way to buy cut rings and tentacles--so if you are looking for convenience and you do not want to spend the extra money on the USA product, this is a great alternative. Sourced and imported from Asia, this wild product is packed in a 2.5 lb. block.


Each order is for one 2.5 lb block

Asian Squid/Calamari, Cut Rings and Tentacle 2.5 lb. block

  • To thaw out a portion of the block, simply place in a strainer and run cold water on a corner or portion.  Thaw out the amount you need and simply put the rest of the frozen block back into the freezer

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