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These are the shrimp that landed Val's Ocean Pacific on the map!  When Val started the company back in 1982 he learned how to sell wild caught, Mexican, shell-on shrimp better than anybody!  These shrimp that come out of the Gulf of Mexico, are hand packed and frozen on board the ships at their peak of freshness.  They do require a bit more work that our peeled counterpart.  Shell on shrimp come in a 5 lb block, and you will need to peel and devein them yourself.


Medium - 21/25 pieces/lb

Med/Large - 16/20 pieces/lb

Large - 15 pieces/lb

Jumbo - 12 pieces/lb

Colossal - 8 pieces/lb


Please email us if you are interested in larger sizes.

Wild Caught Shell-on Shrimp

1 Pound
  • To properly thaw out: Place block in a strainer in the sink, run cold water over one cornder of the block.  Thaw out the number of shrimp you need, place the rest of the shrimp back in the freezer.

    If you thaw out the entire block, do not refreeze!

    We recommend cooking the shrimp immediately after thawing.  Shrimp without chemicals will start to turn black, if left thawed out over night - this is similar to an apple turning brown. Please cook immediately.

  • We deliver products Monday-Friday (next business day).

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