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Val's Ocean Pacific Seafood Distribution High Quality Fish

-Frozen Fish-

  • All of our products are flash frozen aboard the vessel

  • The fish is frozen immediately after it is removed from the sea to ensure that it is frozen at peak freshness

  • Our fish can remain frozen for up to two years

  • Convenient portion and fillet cuts - easy for meal prepping!

  • Wild Caught and Farm Raised products available





Red Snapper





Chilean Sea Bass**



Black cod

Dover sole

**Many of our competitors in the business advertise Chilean Sea bass as a fresh item,

however, it is important to understand that absolutely NO Chilean Sea bass enters the USA as "fresh". 

This great fish is best to buy just the way we sell it... frozen at sea on board the vessel in which it was caught. Please do not be tricked into paying more money for a thawed out piece of fish labeled "fresh."

-Fresh Fish-

  • Sourced from Fisherman around the globe

  • Wild and Farm Raised

*Under normal circumstances our fresh department offers hundreds of products. 

During the shutdown due to Coronavirus, we have decided to scale back our fresh fish selection in an effort to minimize food waste.

Current Varieties

Salmon (whole or fillet)

Cod loins



-How To-

Each of our frozen fish varieties comes packaged in two different ways, each way has a little bit different way of thawing and caring for it.

Individually Quality Frozen (IQF):

These products are separated and not in a vacuum packed bag.  We recommend keeping them in a plastic bag while frozen.  To thaw them out, place them in the refrigerator overnight or place them in a sealable plastic bag and put them in a bowl of cold water until thoroughly thawed.

Individually Vacuum Packed (IVP):

These products come in their own package.  Leave them in the package until they are thawed out.  To thaw out, simply put in the fridge overnight or place in a bowl of cold water. Once the product is thawed, this is the best time to remove from the packaging.

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