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Val's Ocean Pacific Seafood Distribution High Quality Lobster

We sell many forms of lobster, from fresh live lobster, to lobster tails and shucked lobster meat.


-Live Lobster-

Our "King of the Crustaceans" are harvested from the Gulf of Maine, in the Atlantic Ocean. You simply can't find fresher lobster! Lobsters are delivered to you the day we receive them.



1 1/4 lb.

1 1/2 lb.

1.75-2 lb.

2- 2 1/2 lb.

3-4 lb.


When ordering live lobsters for your home, please allow for at least two days delivery. We suggest cooking them the same day of delivery to avoid the lobsters dying before cooking. Lobsters are live creatures, while they can survive overnight in the refrigerator, there is no guarantee that they will survive.

-Lobster Meat-

  • Wild Caught from Canadian & Maine waters

  • Fully Cooked claw, knuckle, and leg meat, simply thaw out and add to your favorite dish. Perfect for a lobster roll!

  • Packed in a 2lb block, break the block in half before thawing to use a smaller portion. Freeze the remaining block. We do not recommend refreezing any lobster meat that has been thawed.

-Lobster Tails-

  • Brazilian Lobster Tails are Warm Water Lobster Tails

  • Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4oz - 10oz 

  • Order by the piece or by the pound

  • Often used in "Surf and Turf" dishes at restaurants

  • Simple and easy to prepare


Live Lobster:

Place live lobster in refrigerator immediately up delivery, leave refrigerated until you are ready to cook. Remember, they are live animals, that have been removed from their natural environment, they will die if not cared for properly. We recommend cooking them the same day as delivery. The longer they are out water, the less chance they have for survival.

Lobster Tails:

Keep lobster tails frozen. To thaw them out, place in refrigerator over night or place them (with the plastic on) into a bowl of cold water for an hour or two.

To prep them for cooking, we recommend splitting them up the back with a pair of kitchen sheers and then removing the meat and placing it on top of the shell. Use your preferred cooking method to cook them.









Frozen Lobster Meat:

Keep lobster meat in freezer. Product is fully cooked, you just need to thaw out to eat. To thaw out we recommend placing in a strainer and letting it sit at room temp for 1-2 hours. If you want to only use a portion of the block, you can break the frozen block into pieces of the edge of your counter.

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