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Val's Ocean Pacific Seafood Distribution High Quality Shellfish

-Fresh Shell Fish-

  • Sourced from the local waters of the North East

  • Unlike many farmed fish, shellfish are spawned in captivity and then released into the wild, into "beds" where they live naturally feeding on their local environment


Littleneck (Clams)

Tops (Clams)

Cherrystone (Clams)



-Sea Scallops-

  • Available fresh or frozen

Do not refreeze frozen scallops once they have been thawed

  • Our sea scallops are "dry" scallops, compared to "wet" scallops which are scallops that have been soaked in water.

  • We suggest rinsing the scallops and then patting them dry to remove some of the moisture, there will still be residual moisture (all sea scallops have some water content!)

  • Wild caught

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