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Val's Ocean Pacific Seafood Distribution

-Product INFO-

Val's is renowned for our expertise in shrimp—that's where we got our start.

But our mastery of seafood does not stop there.

Our purchasers have in-depth understanding of shrimp and a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish, as well as crablobsterclams, oysters, musselssquidoctopus 

— exotics the world over. In addition, we have purchasers who are fishermen themselves. We know what it takes to preserve the original quality of our products without altering the appearance.  

With literally lifetimes of experience with fresh seafood of all kinds, our service is second to none. We work with you to create custom cut and packed programs that meet your needs.

You need a certain cut? We provide it! You need it early? We deliver!


To design a program that works for you, contact one of our experienced, friendly staff members today.

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